T C Chua


TC Chua and his wife Siew Fong were both in the semiconductor/electronic engineering industry before switching and becoming framers and restorers. For a number of family reasons, they decided to change their lives to be more compatible with their family values.  As a result, they found themselves on Jalan Nagore, in the centre of Georgetown. Thanks to chance and coincidences, TC and myself met in 2013.  Thanks to this meeting, Mike and Barbara Moore also became part of the picture and linked up with 21 Gallery (opened in 2015) which later became Keeni Kessler Gallery.(2016)

TC Chua invited me in 2013 to do a few talks about art and Impressionism, and later TC himself did a very interesting talk about the History of Framing which was very well received.  This all happened at the ArtBug shop cum gallery, literally opposite to what was to become our gallery later on.

When 21 Nagore/KKG gallery started operating a couple of years later it developed a very strong relationship with ArtBug due to the very professional framing and restoration capabilities of the business. As the links grew, so did the friendship, and connection between KKG Gallery and ArtBug. Excellent advice was often provided to the gallery on framing and also on lighting. TC Chua and his family rarely missed  Openings and events held at the gallery and in that way supported us.

At present, ArtBug is located  at  19, Jalan Pantai Jerjak 13, Bayan Lepas, still doing framing  and restoring work. Framing is more than just putting a frame around an art piece: it is enhancing it, making it more visible and making it “eternal” given its increased visibility and attractiveness.  That is ArtBug’s  contribution to art and its appreciation.