Dr. Doris Hafner


Almost as every child – Doris was attracted to music and art. Playing different instruments, drawing and painting the turning point to focus completely on art came when she moved for further studies of art history to Bonn. She completed her Master and later PhD at the University of Bonn.

During her studies she was volunteering at the Women`s Museum in Bonn. This was the time she started to paint on bigger scale and formats and soon had the chance to work together with a local female artist in Bonn, Brie Faber. For the group exhibition “Erotica” one of the team-paintings by Brie and Doris became part of the exhibition.

Since then, painting and exploring different techniques as well as sculpturing became a private passion.  Inspired in earlier years by Wassily Kandinsky, Max Beckmann, especially by Joseph Beuys and later by local artists in Dachau, the work of Doris developed more and more towards abstract paintings and mixed materials.

Experienced on her own the hardship of an artist and the pressure of politicians, society and galleries she was forced to make her living by working on different jobs to follow her passion freely and independently.  She believes in the power of art, the creative process and the intuition and the essential desire of humans for creativity.

Doris Hascher (Hafner): Arts and Clients in the 16th Century, Venice and Augsburg in Comparison. Reprint Colloquia Augustana, Vol.5, Akademie Verlag, Berlin 1997, S. 95-110. Article based on a lecture, Symposium of Facade Painting in Venice, Centro Tedesco ISBN 3-05-002823-8.

Doris Hascher (Hafner): Facade Painting In Augsburg From The 16th To The 18th Century. Wißner Verlag, Augsburg, 1996.  ISBN 3-89639-027-9.

Sculpture Courses
Ceramic sculptures, Penang
Stone sculpture, Boulbon (Avignon), France
Stone sculptures, Keltze near Kassel, Germany
Marble sculptures, Langkawi, Malaysia

Group Exhibitions
Kunstverein (Art Association),Mering
Frauenmuseum (Women`s Museum), Bonn

Solo Exhibition
Keeni Kessler Gallery, Penang
Public Library, Augsburg
Sparkasse (public bank), Friedberg
Paintings in private collections
Rain in Venice, painting, Augsburg
Flowers, painting, Bonn
Greek abstract, painting, Ebersberg
Fire-Couple, painting, Würzburg
Volkszählung, painting, Würzburg
The white Taurus (inspired by Achternbusch), Augsburg
Collage, mixed technique, Augsburg
Metamorphosis, painting, Dachau
Blue Tree, painting, Göttingen
Wood, material work, Göttingen
Down to Earth, round painting, Langkawi

Sculptures in private collection
The wave, ceramic, Penang
Sunrise, ceramic, Penang
Fertility, white marble, Vienna
Gender Rhapsody, lime stone, Ebersberg
Shape, lime stone, Göttingen
Coral Wave, Hamburg

Volunteer for art workshops for children in Langkawi and George Town, 2006.