Barbara Moore


“How does a Canadian Artist end up in Malaysia?  It was a L O N G journey, in fact it took 14 years.  With family commitments behind us and a strong desire to travel the world, my husband and I set sail in 2000 aboard our 10 meter yacht LEV.  Apart from the essentials to cruising life, it was of paramount importance for me to store my camera and enough art supplies to suffice my interest in recording the journey.

Sailing to fascinating destinations in the South Pacific, Australia, Micronesia and Asia, studying the diversified flora and fauna provided much inspiration for my work.  Of particular interest was seeing the local art in the different areas, .the use of local materials that were used for their creations, and the common bond that could develop when discussing techniques.  A little sketch or card was always an “ice breaker”, when we did not have a common language.

​I was intrigued to be introduced to the art of Sumi-e in Japan and for a while this had a great influence on my work, but mostly I was drawn to capturing portraits of people I met and scenes of their daily life.  By the time we sailed up the Straits of Malacca, Malaysia, the boat was overloaded with sketch books and paintings, and a head full of ideas for continuing my artistic journey.

So it is that I am land bound again, with room to expand with my art in the wonderful heritage area of Penang, Malaysia.”

Barbara Moore