Albert Foo



Albert Foo is a born and raised Penangite.  He is very discrete and attentive to others.  His philosophy is that of being “empty” to better capture the reality which he is photographing.  Disappearing behind the Camera, rather than being fixated with the camera and its technical capabilities:  It is feeling and seeing with your heart, and then making the photograph, rather than merely taking a picture with some amazing gizmo that makes you forget why you are a photographer.

Albert loves photographing people, but also monuments and objects. He is a very keen observer who is very concentrated. If you witnessed his Hungry Ghost Street Opera photos (exhibitions held at KKG and at the Alliance Française de Penang) you would have noticed his attention to detail, spending 3 or 4 nights waiting to capture a particular scene where the actress is supposed to cry, thus capturing the first tear, before it completely smudges the heavily mad up face, and the tear is shown in such detail, just as it has started rolling down gently. This commitment to photography requires perseverance and immense patience. Catching people when they are being completely natural also requires judgement and perception of character.  Albert has all of those qualities and more. Hereunder are 9 B/W photos, presented as a contact sheet of old, observe the people, whether from close by or afar, he catches the moment and the spirit. If not a person but a moment or object or painting, he catches its essence. In the middle of the contact sheet,  a lovely glass of tea, sitting atop a geometric table, invites you to sit and reflect while drinking this exquisite drink. Enjoy!

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All the posters, flyers, banners for the previous events at KKG were made/designed by Albert Foo.