Aboud Fares



Aboud Fares is a sculptor with a B.A. in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University, obtained in 2010. After graduating, he joined the Syrian Plastic Artists’ Union and started his own workshop beside teaching as a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Now he is a full-time sculptor based in Penang, working in his private workshop, using mostly iron to create abstract forms and creatures which might be related to living creatures somewhere in our universe. after few years residing on the island, he has had two solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions.

Aboud Fares prefers to be called (Sculptor) not (artist) as long as there’s no standards for the title (let every wannabe artist enjoy!)

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Group Exhibition – French Culture Center 2011 (Damascus)
Group Exhibition- Al Kamel Gallery 2011 (Damascus)
Group Exhibition- German Culture Center 2008 (Damascus)
Group Exhibitions- Faculty of Fine Arts from 2006 to 2011 (Damascus)
Solo Untitled Exhibition – Hin Bus Depot Art Gallery (Penang- Malaysia) 2016
Revisit Exhibition – Hin Bus Depot Art Gallery (Penang- Malaysia) 2017
Solo Faces Exhibition – Keeni Kessler KKG (Pinghub) (Malaysia) 2018
ArtEDecor Art Fair – MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Center (Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia) 2019
3 Elements Group Exhibition – Penang State Gallery (State Museum) (Penang – Malaysia) 2019
REKA Exhibition – Hin Bus Depot Art Gallery (Penang- Malaysia) 2019
BOLD Exhibition – The Backyard (artist’s Workshop) (Penang- Malaysia) 2019
The 8” x 6” Project Exhibition – Project 26 Art Space (Penang- Malaysia) 2019