David Roethlisberger


Learning to play the piano was part of my education. Once able to make my own decisions, I stopped. As one decision leads to another, the years went by. Little did I know that music would catch up with me. A musical ear I was given, and this would help me in difficult time in my life. Music would help me liquify my emotions. Every time. This made me realize its depth, when let it inside.

I soon decided to resume playing the piano, this time on my terms. First just notes. In which ever order. Then a piece. A piece that I liked. At the pace I chose, pure joy, zero constraints. At last I was playing. Playing the piano. This revealed a new sentiment. I felt good inside. I have since started to play the saxophone.

Music is culture. Music is art.

My connection to music triggered my decision to offer the possibility to people around the world to give a new color to their lives. A new vibration. Playing an instrument forges an identity. No longer a person of suffering, but a person who plays. A musician filled with dignity.

An echo of happiness. An echo with other organisations in link with culture.

email: info@instruments4digni.chty
website: www.instruments4dignity.ch