Ali Arghami


You may know me as “Ali”, and was formed after being mentally exposed to so much modern robotic logic and technology merged with ancient philosophy and masterpieces of literature and art.

My instincts are to become more and more aware about Mother Nature’s principles and guidelines to make the world a lovely place, full of joy and peace, as much as possible.

I did my Bachelor’s in Linguistics and Computer Networking in my hometown of Shiraz, and did my Master’s in Tourism Management at the International University in Famagusta allowed me to become a tour guide in Iran, but for me true education was the mystical literature of Persian poets such as Rumi, Khayam, Hafiz and Sa’adi. If your head is only filled with knowledge and science, it is a burden. If it fills your soul, the help mate is Rumi!

Even though I am a technological and gadget nerd, I do videography of historical sites, hoping to preserve the culture and our human heritage and all oour cultural resources.